HdM International CINEMATOGRAPHY DAYS 2018

About the HdM International CINEMATOGRAPHY DAYS 2018

March 15th until March 17th
The 2nd edition of the cinematography conference will take place from March 15 to March 17 2018, at the Hochschule der Medien (HdM), University of Applied Sciences, Stuttgart. 

This year Prof. Stefan Grandinetti and his team will present and discuss the latest topics regarding cinematography. This time the event will cover three days and be even more international. The entire programm of days two und three will be in English – only the seminar of the first day will be in German and focus on the local film industry

The first day is focused on the latest generation of LED-lights, especially Fresnels and their color reliability. Philip Gassmann will guide you through the seminar, held in German language and has the aim to address all players of the industry in order of progress of sustainable film producing. This day of learning and networking is presented by BVK German Society of Cinematographers, sponsored by MFG Film Fund Baden-Württemberg, with support from FVSW  Filmschaffendenverband Südwest and Film Commission Stuttgart.

Day two consists of two sections: In "Science & Aesthetics“ (4K-cinema room "Hardcut“) eight internationaly-based speakers will address cutting-edge topics of the future of cinema & tv centering on issues of aesthetics, in relation to new technologies like High Dynamic Range, Higher Frame Rates, Wide Color Gamuts and questions of textures. The presentations will be accompanied by an exhibition of filmequipment with free admission (TV-Studio), showing cinelenses, lights, cameras, accessories,...

The third day again consists of two sections: Four seminars ("Hardcut“ and Filmstudio), that emphasize the art and technology of cinematography will be presented by international lecturers: “Storytelling in Images – Cinematography Today (J.P. Jarry), “On-Set-Colorgrading (D. Siragusano), “Lightstream“ Reflected Light System (A. Berkovic) and “Storytelling with the Emotion of a Lens“ (Dr. M.v. Kets). Along with these seminars there will again be an  exhibition of filmequipment (TV-studio) and their product presentations (room U32) with free admission.